Transformers TCG

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Transformers TCG : Autobot Starter Set
Team up with BUMBLEBEE, OPTIMUS PRIME, IRONHIDE AND RED ALERT with the AUTOBOTS Starter Set.  With the AUTOBOTS Starter Set, 2 players can start playing the game by playing with teams of 2 Character Cards each and splitting or sharing the deck of Battle Cards, -or- 1 player can use the 4 Character Cards and 40 Battle Cards for full gameplay. Each AUTOBOTS Starter Set includes the cards listed below.  Contents 4 Foil Transformers Character Cards Deck..
Transformers TCG : Devastator Deck
Harness the might of DEVASTATOR!   A mighty DECEPTICON joins the battle. Play the Constructicon Enigma Battle Card and the Constructicon team combines to form DEVASTATOR // TOWERING WARRIOR!   Each Devastator Deck includes cards and materials for one player:   6 TRANSFORMERS Character Cards Deck of 40 Battle Cards Damage/Tower Counters Tower Card Rules Insert   ..
Transformers TCG : Metroplex Deck
Control the power of a TITAN!   The Transformers TCG's first 25 ☆ character - METROPLEX // AUTOBOT CITY - is a force to be reckoned with. When combat heats up, a player can use METROPLEX // AUTOBOT CITY to deploy the additional character cards included to strengthen their team! Each METROPLEX Deck includes the cards listed below.   Contents 1 Foil Transformers Titan Character Card 3 Foil Transformers Character Cards Deck of 40 Battle Cards Dam..
COLLECT powerful Transformers characters! BUILD your team! BATTLE your friends!   More characters have joined the fray, and they’re changing the game! Compete for battlefield domination and assemble your team into Combiner mode before your opponent does, or risk being thrown on the scrap heap!   Each booster pack contains: 1 Foil Transformers Character Card 7 Battle Cards   For full gameplay, each player builds a team of Transformers Char..
Transformers TCG : Wave 3 Booster Box
Transformers TCG: War for Cybertron Siege Booster Box Choose a side - Autobot or Decepticon! Each War for Cybertron Siege I TCG Booster Pack contains 1 large foil and 1 small foil TRANSFORMERS Character Card* and 6 Battle Cards. The set has 48 Character Cards and 64 Battle Cards. War for Cybertron Siege I introduces small TRANSFORMERS Character Cards: Battle Masters and Micro Masters. For full gameplay, each player builds a team of TRANSFORMERS Character Cards and ..