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Product introduction amiibo can actually touch, enjoy by watching, of course, is character figures that lead also the world's game. Connect with game. By software corresponding, appeared or, ... or get a special item as a player. One of amiibo is, various in various gaming experience, I will continue to lead to Sanazama play. Only of the amiibo myself. Touch the Amiibo to register their own Mii. Then, you just amiibo comes into play. Your amiibo, through play in the game, will grow to those of only one in the world. Even Wii U, even New Nintendo 3DS. If the corresponding software, you will be able to lead the game by simply touching the both amiibo. In the "Super Smash Bros. for Wii U" of the corresponding software. amiibo is allowed to appear in the game and you will be able to fight on their behalf. The loaded character to grow by going fighting, or up attack power and defense, you can wear a variety of tactics, you can also customize the deathblow. Compatible software is a sequential will be released in the future. Even Nintendo 3DS / 3DSLL, it is possible to ensure the best peripherals scheduled to be released future, you will be able to enjoy.


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