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MOFT - Laptop Stand
      1. Will MOFT adhesive laptop stand work on my laptop? The MOFT stand is designed to be used on laptops with screen sizes between 11.6" and 15.6". However, We don’t recommend this stand for laptops which have vents on the bottom as this would block airflow.      2. Does MOFT stand work on a laptop with a plastic case? Yes. MOFT Stand pastes on the bottom of the laptop via removable glue, so there is no problem wo..
MOFT - Phone Stand (Compatible for Nintendo Switch)
      THE THINNEST WALLET FOLDAWAY STAND You need an angle to help you read these vertical contents in clarity & comfort, so we got the best one --- 60°. It has the best viewing angle when you are in the business, the best ergonomics when you interact with it.      5MM THIN, 1OZ WEIGHT For MOFT X, a simple yet very ergonomic fold-line on the back is enough to make it function perfectly, go with you all the time but un..
MOFT - Tablet Stand
          THE MOST ADJUSTABLE  TABLET STAND Tablets are only one-step away from being a 2nd screen for laptops --- a right angle. Nobody wants to look back and forth for different tasks. MOFT X tablet stand offers up to 6 angles that nobody can refuse to work with. Browsing, sketching, reading... We save the possibilities to you to find out, all you need to know is, they work.     THREE...NO, I..