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Nintendo Switch KontrolFreek Turbo Joy Con - Neon
FEATURES   Designed specifically to support the Switch gamer, Turbo adds 83% more surface area to standard Joy-Con thumbsticks to significantly improve comfort while gaming. Turbo increases the height of your Joy-Cons by 4.4mm, maximizing your mobility and control. Finally, the concave spiral pattern in KontrolFreek’s proprietary rubber material creates a strong, versatile grip that reduces wrist, hand and thumb fatigue. Benefits: Specifically designed ..
KontrolFreek Shield Call of Duty Infinite Warfare - Xbox One
Designed in collaboration with Call of Duty® and Infinity Ward, Shield Call of Duty Infinite Warfare is a must-have controller customization accessory for Call of Dutyfans. KontrolFreek Shields are an easy, affordable way to customize your controller, while protecting it from dirt and grime. The simple, peel-and-stick adhesive is specially formulated to be easily taken off and re-positioned without leaving sticky residue behind. The rugged blue-on-grey S...
KontrolFreek Speed Freek Apex - PS4
Product Description   Speed Freek APEX is for virtual racers looking for the winning edge in every corner of every lap. APEX was engineered to help you reach the fastest lap times possible in racing games while using your PS4, PS3, Xbox One or Xbox 360 controller. The "U" shaped attachment helps you make more precise movements on the track while not allowing your thumb to slip as you hold long turns. This improves your car's handling characteristics and gives you the abilit..