Astro A50 2015 Gaming Wireless Headset Black/Lime - PS4/XB1 Version

Product Code:Astro A50 2015 Gaming Wireless Headset Black/Lime - PS4/XB1
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1) First, plug the microUSB cable to the back of the MixAmp Tx transmitter and the USB end to the PS4 to power the device.

2) Next, take the optical cable and plug one end to the “OPT IN” slot in the back of the MixAmp Tx and the other end to the optical audio connection slot behind the PS4.

Turn the power on for the PS4, then the MixAmp Tx and then the A50 headset. The headset and MixAmp are already pre-paired but you can check my A50 pairing tutorial if you need to repair them.

3) Sign in with your PS4 profile of choice then go to Settings. Click “Sound and Screen,” followed by “Primary Output Port.” Pick “Digital Out (Optical).” Go to “Audio Output Settings” after that and select “Output to Headphones” then “Audio Format (Priority)” followed by “Bit Stream (Dolby).” In the “Audio Output Settings” menu, choose “Output to Headphones” and select “Chat Audio” (not “All Audio”), and you’re good to go.

Product Description

Platform:Xbox One  |  Edition:Black

Just as consoles evolve, so do our headsets, so we've fine-tuned and updated our A50 to make the best available headset in wireless gaming to your Xbox One. Broadcasting with cutting edge wireless Kleernet 5.8ghz technology, the A50 employs three varied EQ modes designed to fit your audio needs. The uni-directional microphone delivers communication to your teammates by isolating your voice from any background noise in the room. We've designed this headset to be lightweight and adjust easily to your cranium to ensure maximum comfort for those games that last long into the night. And when you're done it fits perfectly on its own headset stand.

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