Ultra Agents

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LEGO Ultra Agents 70163 Toxikita's Toxic Meltdown
  Stop Toxikita breaking into the lab and stealing the toxic crystal! Report for duty Ultra Agent Curtis Bolt! Evil Toxikita has discovered the top-secret lab at Pointer Island and is dropping toxic bombs from her helicopter, piloted by her henchman, Retox. Inside the lab, the Astor City Scientist has been carrying out vital experiments using the remote-control safety claws. Rush to protect him and guard the crystal that Toxikita is trying to steal to power up her super weapon – ..
LEGO Ultra Agents 70164 Hurricane Heist
  Take on Psyclone’s transforming, tornado-making flyer! Red alert, Ultra Agents! Team up to defeat wind-powered Super Villain Psyclone who is whipping up storms and wreaking havoc across Astor City. Psyclone’s awesome transforming flyer is equipped with giant spinning rotor blades to whip up whirling tornados. His super threatening vehicle is also armed with quad laser cannons and automatic missile shooters. Flip the wheels of Agent Caila Phoenix’s futuristic motorbike for fly m..