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LEGO Ninjago 70728 Battle for Ninjago City
Defend the awesome Ninjago Temple against OverLord attacks! The huge evil OverLord has powered up and is threatening to take over New Ninjago City. Help the Ninjas to defend the Ninjago temple using its awesome array of hidden features. Plan your strategy in the control room and activate the catapult stairs to send intruding Nindroids flying. Evade laser-cannon fire from OverLord and retaliate by triggering the tower’s dual catapult and hidden disc shooter. Zoom down the zip line from the..
RM549.90 RM470.00
LEGO Ninjago 70750 Ninja DB X
Stage the ultimate battle against Pythor and his Anacondrai army!   Pythor and the Anacondrai have returned to NINJAGO™ so the Ninja team must rush to the scene with the Ninja DB X to confront NINJAGO’s most fearsome enemy! Drive the powerful 6-wheel vehicle through the jungle and into battle at the Anacondrai gateway. Detach the Command Center to reveal the hidden dual spring-loaded shooter and open up the control room for easy play. Make battle plans in the hi-tech control area..
RM399.90 RM340.00
LEGO Polybag 20020 Ninjago Mini Turbo Shredder
Model: 20020 Pieces: 83 ..