Hot Wheels 2018 015/365 Custom Datsun 240Z

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Custom Datsun 240Z
Debut Series Factory Fresh
Produced 2017 - present
Designer  ?
Number DTW89
Custom Datsun 240Z 2017

The Custom Datsun 240Z is a customized version of the 
Datsun 240Z. Its real-life version is owned by Sung Kang, the actor who portrayed Han in the Fast and Furious series, and serious auto enthusiast. In Fall 2015 the 1973 Datsun 240Z better known as FuguZ made its debut at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas.(for more details: Sung Kang's "FuguZ"- Japanese Nostalgic Car ) This casting is the latest version of the Datsun 240Z as of 2017, Hot wheels having produced the US-Spec model first in 1978 as the Z Whiz, and another casting the Datsun 240Z in 2006. In 2016 the Nissan Fairlady Z was launched by Hot wheels, portraying a JDM version.

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