Preorder PS4 Mad Rat Dead Chi/Jap Standard Edition [R3] - ETA 29/10/2020

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  • Funky Tunes: Advance by matching your inputs to the rhythm of addictive music tracks.Or practice your inputs as you get acquainted with stages in the Sound Test!
  • Mastering the Music: Unlock music to mix and match with replayable stages for different difficulties. Hit the Rewind button for infinite attempts and jump, dash, and smash your way to obtain the highest grade!
  • Audiovisual Art: Cartoon visuals mix with a punk aesthetic for a unique art style that changes depending on the number of combos performed!


Wreak havoc to the rhythm!

A rat's dream is left unfulfilled before his untimely death...that is, until he gets a second chance at life! Granted the opportunity to turn back time and redo his last day on earth, the rat must feel the rhythm in his heart and move in time with the music to get his chance at vengeance...before his own time runs out.


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