Premium Bandai Gundam - MG 1/100 GM (Cold Districts Type)

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T e r m i n u s  S n i p e r  ― 

[MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM 0080 WAR IN THE POCKET] releases GM’s variant suit, GM (COLD DISTRICTS TYPE) is released in Master Grade Series!
Characteristic suit form is new moldings-with faithfully reproduced !
● MG standards’s new moldings-with, suit form is reproduced !
  MG GM Command is based, cold districts type’s characteristic shape is reproduced !
  Head part 
  Cold districts type ’s head is main camera-looked interior frame-included, total new moldings-with reproduced.
  Arm parts
  Forearms are reproduced by new moldings. Fine parts detail are, MG standards-with reproduced
  Torso parts
  Chest duct, torso armor are reproduced by new moldings.
  Flat form is characteristic, GM’s unique front, side Armor are reproduced by new moldings.
  Rear armor are also partly new parts-included reproduced.
  Beam Saber-single equipped backpack is reproduced by new moldings.
  Leg parts
  Exterior armor of the calves are reproduced by new moldings.
  Behind knee joints section parts are new parts-with reproduced.
  Enhanced for cold conditions joints drive part detail-rich reproduced.


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