Preorder Digimon Digivice - Last Evolution- [Complete Selection Animation] - ETA August 2020

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From the latest movie of the "DIGIMON ADVENTURE" series, the Digivice for adults is launched!

Presenting the Digivice at its final moments, painted gold with cracks on the shell
Includes a Promotion Pack with 6 cards for "DIGIMON CARD GAME"



The TV animation "Digimon Adventure" is celebrating its 20th anniversary. To commemorate the release of the latest movie "デジモンアドベンチャー LAST EVOLUTION 絆", the Digivice in the movie is launched in the role play item series for adults "Complete Selection Animation".

The Digivice is painted gold with the addition of cracks on its shell to recreate the device at its final moments.

Furthermore, a wide range of dialogues of Taichi, Yamato, Agumon and Gabumon are included, allowing you to recall the touching moments in the movie.

For the BGM, the main theme of the TV animation "DIGIMON ADVENTURE", "Butter-Fly", and the BGM used in the movie "デジモンアドベンチャー LAST EVOLUTION 絆", "その先へ", are available.

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