Preorder PS4 Earthfall Deluxe Edition [R2] - ETA 13/07/2018

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  • CO-OPERATIVE SURVIVAL FOR UP TO FOUR PLAYERS - Team up with friends to survive the alien infestation. Robust multiplayer support and A.I. teammates stand ready to ensure a full team at any time regardless of available players
  • BUILD YOUR DEFENSES - Strategically deploy barricades to block the enemy hordes and install turrets anywhere to create perfect alien killing zones
  • PRINT YOUR WEAPONS- Use advanced 3D printers to print more than twenty different weapons to use against the vicious alien enemies
  • 10 ACTION PACKED MISSIONS - Dive into and experience the 10 levels in Earthfall across the Pacific Northwest. Each level reveals secrets behind the cataclysmic alien invasion



Earthfall. The end of the world is here! Emerging from the devastation of a global meteor strike, aliens swarm the landscape and ravage the planet. In Earthfall, survivors must stand together and fight back with a wide variety of weapons, supplies, and defenses as they battle through the towns and wilderness of the Pacific Northwest.

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