PlayStation 4 Slim 500GB Asia Set Black (with Extra Controller)

Product Code:PlayStation 4 Slim 500GB Asia Set Black (with Extra Controller)
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Standard Set Included

- Playstation 4 Slim 500GB Black Console X1
- Dualshock 4 Wireless Controller Black X 2

Warranty Information

- 1 Year Warranty from Sony Malaysia
- 3 Months Extended Warranty if Register Online



Product Description

The leaks proved to be true, with the PS4 now slimming down into a smaller box. Out is the angular and in is softer in the corners. We're still awaiting the exact measurements for the new console, but it's a healthy reduction in size.

As far as we currently know, the PS4 offers the same internals the existing hardware, with no changes to the features that it will offer. Sony did confirm, however, that all PS4 models would get a firmware update allowing support for HDR. 

Exactly what this HDR support will be for we don't currently know, but we assume it's for gaming. There's no Ultra HD Blu-ray player in the new console, however, and no support for higher 4K resolutions on this slim model either.

However, with the PS4 and PS4 Pro using the same discs for games, we imagine that some of the lighting information will be used by existing PS4 models for this HDR boost - as long as you have the TV for it.

When the PS4 first surfaced, there was a slight change to the Dual Shock controller. This new controller has a light bar that can be seen from the top, as well as from the front. Sony didn't say anything about the controller, but from what we've seen, both the new PS4 and the PS4 Pro get this slightly tweaked design of controller too. 

When it first leaked, there was a suggestion that this newly visible bar would be to sync with PS VR, or just for in-game effects.


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