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Product Description

Product Description

Coming to the PS3 system, "Dance on Broadway", a musical game that puts you center stage, performing the very best of Broadway right in your living room. Dance, sing and perform 25 Broadway-style choreographies from over 20 of the most beloved shows, including Fame, Billy Elliot, and Chicago. Take on your favorite Broadway roles, or cast your friends and family in fun duets.

SYour name lights the marquee outside and people have lined up for days to see this show. As the people file in and take their seats, you wipe the bead of sweat that is trickling down your face. The house lights go down and you take your place at center stage as the curtain goes up. The music begins to play and you dance, sing and act your way through the big numbers. When the final note is struck, the audience erupts with applause — you now know what it's like to Dance on Broadway.

Dance on Broadway


Dance on Broadway places you on stage performing some of Broadway's biggest hits. Put on your dance shoes and perform hit songs from your favorite musical performances, including "Little Shop of Horrors Theme," "Pinball Wizard," "Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend" and "Out Tonight." Perform duets with a friend or family member for twice the fun. Unlock new songs and try to save the local theater in Critic's Challenge, or become a Broadway legend in Star mode. Use the PlayStation Move controller for incredible control and precision. Large dance ensembles, unique characters and costumes, dynamic sets and stage lighting put you right in the middle of Broadway productions. Get your jazz hands ready for the big number.

Key Features:

  • From our expanded online assortment; not available in all Best Buy stores
  • Dance, sing and act to 25 hit songs from Broadway musicals, including classics like Fame and current shows, such as Dreamgirls
  • Perform hits such as "You Can't Stop The Beat," "There's No Business Like Show Business," "Money, Money," "All That Jazz" and "Time Warp"
  • Become a Broadway legend in Star mode as you follow along with on-screen lyrics and perform with supporting characters
  • Unlock new songs in the Critic's Challenge and try to save your local theater
  • Relive the magic of Broadway productions with large dance ensembles, unique characters and costumes, dynamic sets and stage lighting
  • Compete against a friend for the starring role or team up for a duet
  • Use the PlayStation Move controller (not included) with friends in Party mode to earn high scores for each song
  • Requires PlayStation Eye (not included)

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