PS Vita Hyperdimension Neptunia Re:Birth3 V Century JP Version [R3]

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The video starts out with Neptune noticing a console that’s hooked up somewhere, then quickly sees you, the player, and wonders if it could be some sort of miracle. Nonetheless, she’d like to make the best of it by becoming good friends with you.


She then points out that there seems to be a demerit to having no privacy, but she could simply turn off the console when something important comes up; however, upon trying to disconnect the console in her world, she realizes that the connection still remains active.


Neptune trusts that you understand what’s going on, so she decides to give you an introduction of herself and Gamindustri, but cuts it short and asks if you have any questions you’d like to know about her.


The three choices given are: “what’s your favorite food?” “what’s a goddess (CPU)?” and “what are your three sizes?”. The player first chooses the one about food, and she reveals that her favorite is flan.


Next, she explains that CPUs are pretty much like a country’s president, or the most important person of the nation. As for her “three sizes” she gets pretty upset about it, and says that it’s not something you should ask a lady!

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