Archgon Anti-Blue Light Glasses GL-B301-Y

Product Code:Archgon Anti-Blue Light Glasses GL-B301-Y
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Product Description
Product Name: Aceh generous blue filter glasses Goods style: full-face Product Model: GL-B301-Y Frame Material: TR90 + elastic PC Lens Material: A + rating and explosion safety lenses Lens Type: Reflective Lens Wide: 62 mm wide nose : 7 mm long stand: 129 mm heavy glasses:. 25 g standard: ANSI Z80.3 EN 1836 AS / NZS 1067 individual measurement locations vary, please refer to the actual size of the commodity-based Note: full-face coated frame glasses fit within the height of 3.5 cm, width of spectacle frames glasses unilateral type of 5.5 cm or less.


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