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HTC Vive Consumer Edition
A VIVEPORT SUBSCRIPTION IS THE BEST WAY TO EXPERIENCE OVER 330 VR APPS AND GAMES     FULLY IMMERSIVE Immerse yourself in the world of virtual reality with movements that make you feel like you’re in the action. With 360-degree controllers, headset tracking, directional audio and HD haptic feedback, VR has never felt more real.   UP TO 4 M X 3 M ROOM-SCALE STAGE Teleport around boundless virtual worlds sitting at your desk, or create a dedicated r..
HTC Vive Focus Plus - ETA 1 Week
ALL-IN-ONE VR. THE FUTURE OF BUSINESS BEGINS HERE.   A professional-grade, portable VR solution for enterprise applications, the VIVE Focus Plus is designed for easy deployment and management. Equipped with immersive six-degrees-of-freedom (6DoF) controllers, improved graphics and the ultimate in ergonomic comfort, this all-in-one VR system is ideal for showrooms, training simulations, virtual conferences and more.     •  Immersive and Intuitive Co..
HTC Vive Pro Starter Kit
VIVE PRO VR SYSTEM Welcome to the next generation of VR. Equipped with SteamVR Base Station 2.0, VIVE Pro offers next level immersion with improved tracking - ideal for creating multi-player experiences without disrupting one another.   CROSSING REALITIES VIVE Pro delivers immersion unlike any other: true-to-life precise tracking, ultra-vibrant colors and uber-realistic sounds create a world that transports you to any scene in split seconds. With the highest quality displ..
Preorder HTC Vive Cosmos - ETA 04/10/2019
Pre-order with us now and get 12-month Viveport Infinity with unlimited access to 600+ contents worth RM433.88 & one extra shooting game!   HTC is releasing its PC-powered Vive Cosmos VR headset next month. Originally unveiled earlier this year at CES, the Cosmos is HTC’s latest bid at a mainstream VR headset. Unlike the original HTC Vive, the Cosmos doesn’t require external sensors and uses fully tracked motion controllers. HTC has also upgraded the LCD panels, with a combin..