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A Tricky Treasure Hunt Starring...Captain Toad!

Ready for adventure? Captain Toad stars in his own puzzling quest through maze-like mini-universes—only on Wii U. Each stage is stacked with tricks and traps, so our stubby hero will have to use his wits to dodge dangers and track those treasures. Survive smoldering volcanoes, hazardous steam engines, haunted houses, and more—all in the name of treasure!

That’s Captain Toad’s mission in life—to hunt juicy valuables like Super Gems and Power Stars across puzzling microcosms of danger and delight. Along the way, he’ll have to reclaim stolen goods, not to mention beloved Toad Brigade member Toadette, who’s been nabbed by a greedy bird. This tiny hero will have to waddle, hide, pluck, chuck, and power-up his way through enemy-infested locales like wild west shanties, beautiful towers, and Goomba waterparks—all bursting with goodies to find and secrets to unearth. Point your head-mounted flashlight toward adventure!



Captain Toad in Ruins

The intrepid Captain Toad sets off on his own adventure for the very first time through a wide variety of tricky, enemy-infested, maze-like stages to find a hidden gem and nab elusive gold stars!

Toadette In Water Park

Waddle, hide, pluck, chuck, and power-up your way through enemy-infested volcanoes, steam engines, towers, and more.

Haunted Mansion

Unearth secrets and collect goodies by viewing worlds from every-which-way. Captain Toad knows it's all about wits and perspective!

Magma Stage

Captain Toad's world is brimming with life, with dangerous enemies, tricky platforms, nasty traps and secrets to uncover. Each stage is its own puzzle to solve, and littered throughout are hidden items in hard-to-reach places.


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