Google Chromecast V3 - Black

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  • This is the official and real 3rd gen Cast streaming media player device and is 15 percent faster than its predecessor. On one side, there's a built-in HDMI cable, while the other hosts a micro USB port for power. There's also a button you can press for a hard reboot.



  • The best reason to buy this streaming device as always, is that it has the simplest, easiest-to-understand interface of any streaming device on the market. That's because the streaming media player doesn't require you to learn a whole new OS or play around with an idiosyncratic remote control. Instead, you control the entire experience from your phone, tablet or computer.



  • By installing the app on your mobile device or by clicking the Cast option in a computer-based Chrome browser, you can simply "cast" whatever content you're watching onto your TV. This isn't a form of screen-mirroring. Instead, your phone is simply instructing the streaming media device to go pick up a signal directly from the content provider (Netflix, for example).



  • Controlling the streaming media player is as easy as any given app makes it. For example, in Netflix, all you have to do is open the content you want to watch, press the Cast button and wait for your media to appear on your TV. From there, you can pause, play, fast-forward, rewind and adjust volume via your phone. The process is just as straightforward now as it was when the original debuted, but it's also quite a bit faster now.



  • Just about every major provider offers functionality for this streaming media player. Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, Pandora, Spotify, Vudu, HBO Go/Now, Sling TV, PlayStation Vue — the list goes on. The new 3rd gen streaming media player is a divisive streaming gadget. It's easy to like it for the intuitive interface and wide variety of content, and the speed improvement is noticeable.

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