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1. Sign out from your current iTunes store if you are already logged in.

2. Make sure you are in the US iTunes store by checking the flag on the bottom right corner of the window. If it is not the US flag, change it from the Manage column.

3. Choose any FREE app and download by clicking “FREE” button.

4. On pop-up window, choose “Create Apple ID“.

5. Click “Continue” and agree on the Terms and Conditions

6. Provide your Apple ID details, including email, password, security questions and answers, date of birth.

7. This is a crucial step! On the “Provide a Payment Method” page, make sure NONE option is selected. By selecting this option, you will not have to enter any credit card information.

8. Finish by providing a US address. You do not have to provide real US address.
9. Click “Create Apple ID” and wait for a confirmation email from US iTunes store. Verify your new ID and that is it! Congratulations!


TIP: There are several US states that do not charge statewide sales tax: Alaska (AK), Delaware (DE), Montana (MT), New Hampshire (NH), Oregon (OR). Provide address in those states to avoid unnecessary taxes when you make purchase on US iTunes store!



1. Open up iTunes. Once it’s up and running, press the iTunes Store button on the Navigation bar on the right hand side of the screen. If you do not have a US iTunes account, you will have to create one.


2. Verify that you are signed into the US account you want to use. Your email should pop up on the left hand side of the bar along with “Music,” “Movies,” and all your other choices.


3. Click “Redeem” on the screen of the iTunes Store page. On the panel on the right side, “Redeem” can be found under Quick Links. It’s next to “Account,” “Purchased, and “Support.”




Click on your email on the toolbar. It will then give you the options of “Account,” “Redeem,” “Wish List,” and “Sign Out.”


4. Enter your code (16-digit number). Once entered in correctly, a box will pop up telling you how much your account has been credited.




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