PS Vita Deception: Another Princess Eng Version [R3]

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Kagero, better known as Deception in the West is a strategy-RPG with a uniquely passive combat system: the primary goal being to exact your revenge on the unsuspecting by setting deadly traps!

Kagero: Another Princess will feature a new protagonist, Valgryie, a nightmare princess and daughter of the devil who haunts people's dreams. The most notable aspect about Valgryie is the fact that she will be able to kick enemies into traps, and even stomp them on the ground, a first for the series.

Another Princess will include the original story mode found in Dark Side Princess (a.k.a. Blood Ties) but the main focus of the new title is definitely the all new "Quest Mode" and "Deception Studio".

Quest Mode will feature over 100 quests filled with tons of new challenges as well as the ability to fight against past Deception and Trapt heroines including Millennia from Kagero: Deception II, Allura from Trapt, and Reina from Deception III: Dark Delusion.

The Deception Studio allows players to customize and edit everything from characters to missions. Players can even collect parts and use them to create new enemies and name them. Overall it sounds like a customization heaven where players will be able to create their own characters and go on custom quests against custom enemies.

Kagero: Another Princess will feature over 170 different traps including the Genocide Eye, Falling Ceiling, and Suezo (from Tecmo's Monster Rancher).


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